#SurvivorCI Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

Yep, It’s time for me to release the pilot episode of my Survivor series!

I was going to upload onto FanFiction.net until i found out that you cannot upload script-based stories; which is total fucking bogus imho.

I hope to get at least 10-20 people that are interested in my series, because whenever I try I only get one or two people. Yes. It’s pathetic.

Anyways, 18 people, 1 Survivor. Click on the link below to read Episode 1/12 of my series!

Leave comments/feedback by contacting me @Empoleon95 on twitter. It would be highly appreciated.

And if you really want to, Feel free to talk to me about the contestants and/or their strategies; and I will engage in your conversation without giving out spoilers.

NOTE: There is some very, VERY random humor in it (It reflects my personality); so if it’s too cheezy for you, just try a little more lol. It gets better.






Survivor Series??? #SurvivorCI

Back in 2010, I was in 10th grade of grade school; and I LOVED to write… or well, type. I would write series, after series, after series; Most of them sucked, as they were written for my friends at the time “and their standards were low”, but some of them I feel were really good.

There was a specific one I wrote, directly based off of the CBS show Survivor… (Well it is Survivor), and I only finished 6 episodes of it.

Earlier this year, I decided to finish that series, and I wrote the last 6 episodes; and i have to say, it is something i am very proud of. With that, I am going to start posting episodes here on my blog.

It will involve some immature humor, but as a lover of strategy, you will see every perspective of every characters strategy, and if you like the GAME of Survivor, you will enjoy this series! Stay tuned for more information!

#SurvivorCI: Survivor Coral Sea Islands!