#SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX #SurvivorLongevity Draft!

—Before I go any further, The pictures used here ARE ones that I made on my own, but I did borrow some content to make it happen. First of all, the original SURVIVOR(TM) Logo I use on my custom-made Survivor Buffs, and I also used content from http://www.truedorktimes.com/ for my draft board.

I also want to give a somewhat late Happy Birthday to @randyknup on twitter! Follow him! He hosts some kickass drafts! Also follow @SoleSurvivorYap who also dedicates his time for Big Brother, Survivor, and even Hells Kitchen drafts! FOLLOW THEM OR ELSE :)—

Hey everyone, it’s me Gamefreak again “Of you can call me by my new screenname, Empoleon [my favorite Pokemon of course]. Whatever works for you”

I am a VERY competitive person; but you know what i like to do more that competing? HOSTING the competition. You can find me regularly on Twitter and the Big Brother Live Feed chatrooms hosting small Survivor and Big Brother games with many of my buddies on there.

And what does that include? Drafting! FIFTEEN PEOPLE. FIVE TEAMS. ONE SURVIVOR (Well actually 3 since five teams with 3 people each… yeah.)

I gathered 15 of the shittiest people on earth (just kidding they’re really awesome… i mean it!) and did something unprecedented; not only am I hosting a draft, but It is a TEAM-ORIENTED draft.

This is also a special LONGEVITY draft: Challenge wins? don’t matter. Big moves? Don’t matter. All that matters is how deep/far your castaways go in the game; and the points are based directly on that.

The 15 people are split into 5 teams.


They each selected a number 1-15, and I secretly assigned a color to each number. this is how I divided the teams! I will now go over each team and what i think about their chances!


As you see in the picture above, I have each team along with the peepz that they consist of! (Some of them named their teams) I’ll go in order, starting with…

YELLOW TEAM: Ganador yellow-team

MY NAME FOR IT: The Family Tribe (Son, Father, Daughter, Mother respectively)

Saul (@Perezpective)Kim (@Kim_Is__Bored)
Connor (@ShirtlessConpro)

The Yellow team chose Taylor, David, Figgy, and got stuck with Sunday (XD)

Taylor- I’m not sure how I feel about this pick. He is definitely not the one I would’ve personally picked first, and I’m always right. (Not really)… Anyways; Taylor seems like a person who has a big presence… like you always know he’s there. Not a bad thing in life, but in Survivor, that’ll get you a target very quickly.
PREDICTION: Late Pre-Merge

David- David is the little nerdy guy who was born just a little too early (cuz nerds are the shit now, right?) This guy is very scrawny. I fear that he’ll snap with some hurricane-force winds (I’m not foreshadowing at all :P). Could he be a good player? Yes. Do I expect him to make it that far? Not particularly.
PREDICTION: Late Pre-Merge (again)

Figgy- She kinda reminds me of Flick from #SurvivorAU; willing to use the cards she needs to get ahead. I think she was a good draft pick and potentially the Yellow teams strongest candidate for the win.

Sunday- I was actually SHOCKED that Sunday was the last one “chosen”. FOR SOME REASON She gives me head-on Lisa Whelchel vibes, but whenever i say that, a certain somebody scolds me for it. She’s either out early or she’s going all the way.
PREDICTION: Out by Episode 4 or she’s a finalist.

OVERALL: Solid, but not great team. There are definitely some weaknesses here. If half of the team makes at least merge they have a shot. A small one, however.


PURPLE TEAM: Purple Kellys purple-team

MY NAME FOR THE TEAM: The team that is most likely to be noticed by Senpai(TM)

Eddie (@EddieGlacken)
Malcolm (@Dance_Machine28)— Just noticed typo on draft chart. Will fix after EP1.Rob (RobMRosenberg)

First of all I am amazed that this team was assembled by random draw. Malcolm wanted to be on a team with both Rob and Eddie and Rob wanted Purple. It was pure coincidence.

The Purple Team chose Zeke, Chris, Michelle, and Lucy.

Zeke- I really don’t want to like Zeke, but I do. I feel like he’ll bring an entertaining way of playing the game that we all know and love. I cannot get over that mustache though. The bottom line is I think Zeke has mad potential, and some people are going to overlook him; and that will be their downfall.
PREDICTION: At least Merge

Chris- Personally I never really “got” the hype on Chris, until i found out he’s a lawyer. THERE IS THIS AMAZING BITCH NAMED PHOEBE IN #SURVIVORAU WHO IS A LAWYER AND SHE IS FUCKING THINGS UP (in a good way), so I guess I’m rooting for him?
PREDICTION: Could go anywhere

Michelle- When I first saw Michelle I thought she looked like a brunette version of Ashley Iocco (From Big Brother 14), and after watching her vid, I think i’m right. She’s all about god being so awesome (Personally not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat!) and ironically she also believes in DRAGONS! Oh, the DRAGONZ? The AWESOME Ponderosa band formed during Survivor Heroes Vs Villains? No, not those. Actual dragons; like the ones that all of us nerds would neuter ourselves just to have one as a pet. ANYWAYS: game wise, meh. I don’t think she’ll be any type of power player? But potential to go far? high.

Lucy- First of all, she’s a bodybuilder. WOW. Second of all, she’s bossy. UGH. Third of all, I don’t think she’ll get along with the other Gen-Xers.. OUCH.

OVERALL: 3 out of the 4 of their picks are great. Very, very strong team in my opinion. If Eddie didn’t hold his team hostage to pick Lucy instead of Sunday, i think their team would be exceptional.


GREEN TEAM: Ranvanbria green-team

What I name this team: The Nerd Team

Ivan (@IvanOrnelas2)
Randy (@Randyknup)
Brian (@Thebribrim)

This team said they had GRAPHS AND STATISTICS to pick their people, and tbh I think their “statistics” are flawed. Lets take a look.

The Green Team chose Mari, Adam, Hannah, and Jessica

Mari- I lot of people are on the Mari train; but I think it’s too good to be true. It’s gonna be just like Anna and Liz in Survivor Kaoh Rong where they’re gonna be everyones winner pick and then get plucked off Pre-Merge. Sorry, but it’s what i think.

Adam- I have a soft-spot for Adam. He’s been wanting to get on this show for pretty much his entire life. He even has a twitter account from YEARS ago strictly to campaign to get on Survivor. I WANT him to do well. I really do. Will he?… Maybe. I think he has the tools.

Hannah- Hannah is like Aubry after snorting a few shrooms. She’s quirky; almost too quirky. Probst thinks that it will “Charm” people, but I say it may do the exact opposite. What if she becomes a Cochran 1.0?

Jessica- Meh. I literally have no analysis on this girl. Sorry.
PREDICTION: First Boot. (I’m not kidding)

OVERALL: This team looks good on paper, but if you REALLY get into the CHANCES. and SCENARIOS (Cue Jozea GIF), then I’m not sure if this team can pull it off.


BLUE TEAM: Blue Collars blue-team

What I name this team: Grab-four-random-people-and-put-them-on-an-island team

Greg (@AnimorphLover3)Haiku (@HaikuFishbach)
Miles (@MilesBrown83)

First off, Miles was invisible during draft picks so I can’t really blame him. Honest opinion; I think this is the weakest team… AND How DARE THEY name themselves after one of my most hated tribes in the history of Survivor, the Blue Collar Tribe from Worlds Apart (I hated that season) UGH Now they really just make me want to root against them XD

The team chose: Will, Bret, Rachel, Paul

Will- Will is ONLY 18. 1, 2, 3 years younger than me! WTF!. His voice is as deep as a contrabass saxaphone and his hero in life is “Ronald Reagan”; instant turn off. Go away. Not really tho. Will he do well? Hard to tell. I just rhymed, bitches.
PREDICTION: no idea.

Bret- Bret is really the only choice that Blue made that I can get behind. He’s a walking Mike Holloway clone (Which could be good or Meg-dating catastrophic). It’s hard to find any reason why he would be an early boot unless he got swap-fucked, which is possible, but not probable.

Rachel- Rachel is a fish out of water. gouftjhmjnoif

Paul- Paul is a fish out of water. gouftjhmjnoif

OVERALL: Not good. I can barely predict where they are going to end up, but based on my predictions for other castaways, not very far. If half of Blue’s team makes merge I will post “I WAS WRONG” on twitter and put it on my profile for a week.


RED TEAM:… Red Team? red-team

What I name this team: The Team to Beat.

Kevin (@Nivekluap1)’Chele (@TVGal87)
Chris (@CTHASARRIVED)— also Eddie’s boyfriend

This team instantly entertained me. First off all, Kevin was MIA during the draft pick so it was only ‘Chele and Chris. ‘Chele was like I WANT KEN and then Chris was like ZEKE OR MICHAELA. ZEKE. YEAH ZEKE (even though he was already picked)
This minor miscommunication pleased me and everyone else in the chatroom. The small arguement had more excitement than any point of time during #BB18.

The Red Team picked: Michaela, Ken, Jay, and Cece


Michaela- This pick is solid. She reminds me of a more-go-getting Tasha kinda. I think Michaela is going to do very well, noting that she has a mixed GenX and Millennial mindset. I’ll be rooting for her.

Ken- I can’t tell if Ken is boring or not. In my personal draft with @randyknup he was my first pick because i wanted to pick boring people who would slide undetected until merge. No i’m not accusing him of being boring, I’m just saying that is what it seems like. Prove me wrong.

Jay- Jay seems like a less annoying Joe Anglim. I’m not one to judge solely on looks but his face looks like he could be the main character of any movie XD. If he has challenge prowess AND a good strategic game, he’ll be one to watch come the merge which he’ll inevitably make.
PREDICTION: Merge merge merge and merge.

CeCe- I hope CeCe isn’t the stereotypical 4th black woman boot (I hate stereotyping, but it’s true), and it seems very likely that she may fit into that category. If not, then yay.
PREDICTION: Fourth boot.

OVERALL: This team is amazeballs. All 4 of them have a good (or not so good, in CeCe’s case) shot of not only making merge, but doing well strategically and challenge-wise. If there was one team that was set up for success, it is the Red Team.


SO If i had to rank the teams…
1st Place; Red
2nd Place; Purple
3rd Place; Green
4th Place; Yellow
5th Place: Blue

So point system: First boot, gets one point. Second boot, gets two. This keeps going until 4th place, who gets 17 points. 3rd place jumps up to 20 points. 2nd place jumps up to 22 points, and winner gets 25 points. The team with the highest point total at the end of the season wins.

What do they win?
Bragging rights; DUH.


Thanks for reading, and may the best team win! #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX

—Andrew Lepine—