Why I Disliked #BB18

This has personally been the most frustrating season of Big Brother for me. Whenever something good happens, something screws it up. There are a few major factors I feel.
1. PRODUCTION FAVORITES: It’s clear they favored the returnees, and they used as many safety nets as possible without blatantly “rigging”; even the DR telling Nat to work with Nicorey was pathetic.
2. DERRICK. Tbh i never want to see Derrick ever again. Not only did he ruin his own season with boredom, but he was super-relevant this season aswell “Thanks to Paulie, Nicole, James etc…” and it once again had a major influence on how the season went down. Derrick needs to go away.
3. BAD CAST. The tried to cast newbies who would fold under pressure (Zakiyah as a screaming example) so that the returnees had an easier road to the finals (I guess this could tie in with number 1 a bit). But also note how different the cast of Survivor and Big Brother is. Survivor knows how to cast their people, and all Big Brother does is cast Cute, dumb, and boring OR very loud and annoying men, and extremely dumb and incompetent women.
This season to me was a huge blunder, and it was CBS’s way of saying to us “We don’t give a shit about you fans”. Sure they did the “Care package” shit; but note the casuals totally took that over and us REAL fans really had no say in the matter. Big Brother plays to the casuals so that is can stay on air, and it’s pathetic. I like the original theory, said by Rob Cesternino, of “If you go out of your way to please the TRUE FANS, the casuals will follow”; and Big Brother fails to do that; and this is why we have a shitty season year after year; because they’re delusional about this show. Very delusional.

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