Phoebe Leaves? NO! #SurvivorPhoebe #SurvivorAU

Hey everyone. This is gonna be a short, complain post about the recent events of #SurvivorAU Episode 14 and peoples reactions.

First of all, Phoebe is probably one of the greatest players to EVER play the game, yet she doesn’t even make Merge or Jury. It’s a tragedy, yes but it doesn’t mean the season is over.

I go onto to twitter, search “#SurvivorAU”, and what do I see?

THIS is the shit we deal with CONSTANTLY for the shit hole that is #BB18, yet people keep coming back to it. ONE PLAYER gets voted off, and you’re not going to watch?

“Oh well Survivor US is about to come on, good point to drop off…”
NO. This season has been great. Sure, many twists muddle the gameplay, but there is still HALF of the fucking game to play, and they ARE ABOUT TO MERGE. You’re gonna throw a hissy fit just because your fav was voted off?

I know many will say “WELL YOU DO TOO YOU BITCH”; Well not really. I drop out because of the season being bad, not just because one person left. I think that is very irrational judgement to just drop out just because someone gets voted out.


—Andrew Lepine—


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