#BB18 Final 3 quick analysis

Here, I did a quick analysis on the Final 3. I think it’s pretty clear who should and should not win with this. #BB18


NICOLE:  nicole

COMPETITIVE GAME: C-: I mean, she did stuff, and quite a few things… but she spent a lot of time just hanging out with Corey. I appreciate that laying low is a strategy, but was she really laying low? Or just… laying…

STRATEGIC GAME: B-: Nicole has game; no denying that like her or not. She’s not the best player ever, but it’s safe to say she’s probably one of if not the most solid player this season. She integrated herself well throughout the game, and made moves when she had to.

SOCIAL GAME: C+: Once again going back to laying in bed for half of the season; The bond she made with Corey should’ve been spread throughout the entire house. If she did that, she’d be guaranteed a win. There IS something to be said about her being in the majority for most of the season tho, hence i’m giving her a C+ instead of just a C
Used a meat sheild effectively
Least messy strategic game of the Final 3
Managed to always be positioned well in the game.
Good at competitions.

Laid in bed half of the season
Got caught up in Corey
Generally annoying
Pre-Game Deal with James
Returning Veteran

SHOULD SHE WIN: Yes, there is a case to be made that she deserves to win.


PAUL: paul

COMPETITIVE GAME: A-: Your boy has been the underdog this entire competition. From week 1 on, he was a target for many people in the house; and he managed to get himself out of that. How? BY DOING THE WORK. There is not a single week in which he has done nothing (Even being a pawn is work people!) And i feel that should be rewarded.

STRATEGIC GAME: C+: Paul has potential to be a great strategic player, but the problem is he never really grabbed at an opportunity to take complete control of the game (Arguably until right now). He’s a very smart dude, and put in the correct position, could potentially steamroll. That didn’t happen though.

SOCIAL GAME: C: This is for sure a strange grade for this; He has so many pros in the category, yet so many cons. He knows how to talk. he knows how to get his point across and manipulate. Problem is; he oversells his point, and he’s very loud. It turns some people off to him. I think he did well under his circumstances though.
Was underdog since Day 1. He fought his ENTIRE way.
Did very well adapting his game. (Dropping Vic Week 2)
Great strategic thinker and speaker. Got his agenda across when he needed to.
Good at competitions.

Calls women cunts
Loud and Annoying
Was never really a driving force in the game


SHOULD HE WIN: Yes. I think out of the Final 3, Paul deserves to win the most.

JAMES: james

COMPETITIVE GAME: D-: To me it feels like he didn’t care. He was to wrapped up in Natalie the entire season that we didn’t see the James that we all (or most of us) loved in #BB17, hence the low grade.

STRATEGIC GAME: D: He always did what he was told to do. He had and amazing (and undeserved) amount of strategic leverage throughout the season, so some would argue that “he made big moves”; No; He made the moves for other people, not himself.

SOCIAL GAME: B+: The only thing I can give James props on, is his social game. There was not one person “Except Victor at one point” who disliked James. Many people wanted to work with him, and that is the kind of social game that you would want to have in the BB house.
Decent Social game
Nice guy

Shit strategic game
Pre-game deal with Nicole
Flips always “handed” to him; never really did work
Got caught up in Natalie
Didn’t play to win, but for AFP
Returning Veteran
Generally sucks at competitions.


SHOULD HE WIN: Absolutely not, and whoever thinks he should is sorely mistaken.


BOTTOM LINE: James should NOT win. AT ALL. It SHOULD come down to Paul and Nicole. Personally, I think Paul should be the winner. Nicole has played a great textbook game, but something about giving her the win doesn’t feel right to me, especially when it seems like she didn’t really put forth the effort until Week 10. Paul was in the hotseat the entire competition, and survived. Not all by luck, but by his postiive game qualities listed earlier.
Paul > Nicole > James.

See you all for #BBOTT!


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