#SurvivorAU Tribe Nit-Picking: Vavau Tribe! (Yellow)

In the tale of 3 Tribes, this is the middle tribe (With Blue being overly competent and Red being… not competent at all) I originally thought this was my favorite tribe until I went through the people in the tribe and I had no idea who half of them were; so these rankings will likely be short and sweet.


8th Place: Tegan, 33, Personal Trainer


WHO IS SHE!?!?!?!?


7th Place: Kate, 28, Financial Analyst 


WHO IS SHE!?!?!?!? (again)


6th Place: Craig, 32, Recruitment Officer 


I HATE to stereotype: I HATE it, but you know with reality shows: They always cast a certain “type” of homosexual. A fun, witty, smart one, An annoying flamboyant one, or one that you can barely tell is gay and is likely an asshole (It is very rare we don’t get one in one of these the categories), and Craig obviously fits into the 3rd category. (Sorry if i offended, it’s just what i notice!) Is Craig gonna be a villain? idk, but something about him… tells me he will be.


5th Place: Jennah-Louise, 27, Law Graduate 


She was just barely visible, which puts her right at 5th place for me right now. She has a very strong chance of making final tribal council because not many people are going to want to spell out “Jennah-Louise” on a small piece of parchment. Other then that, I can’t quite read her yet.


4th Place: Barry, 44, Former Professional Rugby Player 


I’m going to state the obvious here and point out that Barry is the only black man in a group of 23 other white people. I know Australia doesn’t have the diversity that us in North America do so I’ll let it slide.

But other than that, he seems like a really interesting guy… and he gets NO CONFESSIONALS. COME ON.


3rd Place: Andrew, 29, Marketing Executive 


If judging on confessionals alone, I would say Andrew is the most game-aware person in this cast. He only had a couple of confessionals, but they showed us that he understands what to do in the beginning phases of the game; and what not to do. I think Andrew is someone we’ll need to keep an eye on.


2nd: Sue, 59, Retired Customs Officer 


Just like how I feel about Peter, Sue is basically a badass. More-so than Drew Christy will EVER be. She EASILY integrated herself socially into the tribe, which is a very, very good thing for her game considering the age gap. I don’t think Sue will be a major strategic force, but I think she’ll be someone that will go for just based on the fact that she’s just so likable.


1st: Nick, 28, High School Teacher


Nick! He’s funny, smart, seems to know the game, and is potentially fucked come merge! What’s not to like!

In all honestly, Nick left the best impression on me after Episode 1. I found it very easy to jump on the bandwagon of rooting for him, even if it means i may be emotionally crushed down the road.

If Nick can tone down his “leader” role (Which it seems like he’s been doing a good job at), he could take it all the way. He seems charismatic and likeable, and I think he’ll make a solid player when push comes to shove.


PS: RIP Survivor Oz: I wish everyone there the best!

—Andrew Lepine (Gamefreak00018)—


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