#SurvivorAU Tribe Nit-Picking: Saanapu Tribe! (Blue)

—Pics used come from the Survivor Wiki (http://survivor.wikia.com/wiki/)—

#SurvivorAU started off brilliantly, with a very solid first episode, and not to mention a solid cast. With 16 more days than the Survivor the United States is used to, this is bound to be a very grueling game. To start off my blog, I am going to dissect STUFF… with each tribe! And I am going to start with the obvious front-runners, the Saanapu Tribe. I will rank the based on how I personally like them, and then give a brief statement on my opinions.

  8th PLACE: Conner, 23, Law Student


I like everybody on the Blue Tribe. They are a very cohesive tribe that seems very, very strong out of the gate. The reason why I am ranking Conner 8th is because… The fire incident.

When there is a stick… “sticking” out of the fire, DON’T TOUCH IT… and that is exactly what he does. He freaks out after he burns his hand and runs into the ocean. I honestly don’t see this being worse than a first degree burn but like Kylie the fire-fighter said, if it does blister (and goes past the first-degree category), then it could be dangerous down the road.

This lack of common sense currently places him 8th, and he spent for what seems like a majority of the time on the island in the water tending to this burn.

To make up ground, he tries to reel in Flick for a Final 2 deal, which in her confessional said that is suspicious. Things aren’t looking good for Conner, but as long as his tribe keeps winning, he will have ample time to make up for his poor showing in this episode.


7th Place: Brooke, 23, Sales Executive


This girl is gorgeous. I’m not the type to judge a Survivor player entirely on their looks, but she is just beautiful…. But that’s it. She’s been invisible otherwise, which I GUESS is a good sign? But it could also be bad.


6th Place: Flick, 23, Bartender


Judging entirely on her edit, she is seen as very devious. She said she would use her body to “get the vote the way she wants”, and then follows that with a statement in the confessional that she would take out Conner easily.

This could be foreshadowing her to be a very Parvati-like player (most vague comparison ever, but i’m serious), or she could fall flat on her face.


5th Place: Matt, 29, Magician


I really like Matt. He seems kinda go-with-the-flow, and he does have a slight connection with arguably the challenge beast of the tribe at the moment so i would say just based on that alone that he’s sitting pretty. Game-wise, i don’t know. We haven’t had enough game-oriented confessionals to really judge him at this point. Take this ranking with a grain of salt.


4th Place: Kylie, 38, FireFighter


Kylie instantly struck an emotional connection with the audience talking about her kids right in the first 10 minutes of the show. Then proceeded to have this “hero-like” niche throughout the episode. Such a positive edit for our lovely fire-fighter here. What this means for the future? Will she be a major character? Or someone who is tragically clipped as a result of devious gameplay?


3rd Place: Sam, 28, Charity CEO


Another member of the Blue Tribe with a very positive edit, was Sam; our clear challenge dominator from the pilot episode. (According to this site, “Dominator” isn’t a word, but IDGAF i’m using it.)

Sam seems very well liked by his tribe mates and seems like a nice guy; but there is one problem. Survivor is about lies, deceit, throwing people under the bus, and crying when you lose your false teeth (Only to backstab them deviously late in the game and get robbed of a few votes at FTC)…anyways…

Does Sam have game? If he does, he’s a Malcolm, and he’s awesome. If he doesn’t, he’s a Joe; and i’ll likely be rooting against him.


2nd Place, Bianca, 36, Private Investigator


This girl scares me. She is smart to hide her status as a PI, cuz if I knew that about her, i would want her GONE. First of all, she looks like a bizarro Fox-Face from Hunger Games mixed with a young Lindsey Lohan (Which i guess is a good thing)? But then she talks about her game, and gives out very Tiffany-esque (BB18) vibes with her first confessional; that she’s just observing her surroundings.

This girl is a strategic player, and I can tell this because I said so. The question is is she going to be a TRUE master of the game? Or is she gonna wind up like Loveita from BBCAN4, annoying the shit out of people with game. I hope the former.


1st Place: Peter, 62, Air Traffic Controller


THIS guy… He comes in, oldest in the cast, with that VERY bright Red suit, and just completely kicks ass. He seems very fit, he did not hold the team back AT ALL in the challenges, which is very impressive considering he’s twice their age.

Also, he was near-invisibie, which noting that red suit, is just… terrible. At least he’s in the same invisible category with beautiful Brooke.

Even tho Des was first boot (and cut the “old men” count in half”, I really can’t wait to see what this guy brings… weither he’ll be an invisible god throughout the season, or just an awesome old guy… or something else. I just had to put him at number 1 tho.


…..SO YEAH, That is my analysis on the Blue Tribe! Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Red and Yellow Tribes!

PS: RIP Survivor OZ: It sucks to see Survivor finally air in your country, and that you are unable to cover it. I wish you all the best!


—Andrew Lepine, AKA: Gamefreak00018—



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