#SurvivorAU Tribe Nit-Picking: Aganoa Tribe! (Red)


Ah, the Aganoa tribe… get rid of the last two letters and replace it with “y”, and that is a good description. This tribe is a complete mess and I am convinced that it will be Ulong’d. Now; lets rank the under-par players, shall we?


8th Place: Des, 59, Courier Driver


I have a near-opposite opinon about Des than I do about Peter from the Blue Tribe. I know a lot of people came into the season thinking he might be the new “Keith”, but man does he suck. He had many cards to play, and he played them all wrong. First off; do NOT isolate yourself from your tribe mates. Second; do NOT create conflict on day one (Although he’s not the only person at fault here) Third: do NOT act like everyone else is an idiot because people will catch on to that (Even if they are idiots). True, there was an age gap, and it would be easy to vote off the old guy on Day 2, but like… he didn’t even try.

Let me change that: He DID try… only hours before his inevitable boot, but that was definitely a case of too little too late. He was the correct first boot.

It is a shame that we lose such a prominent character so early, but ya know, he did it to himself. Cya.


7th Place: Kat, 26, Partnerships & Brand Manager 


Kat is VERY lucky that Des was on her tribe; because if he wasn’t there, she highly likely would’ve been first boot.

To me she came off as bossy and entitled. You never really want to put yourself out there in this game, ESPECIALLY on Day 1, and she did just that by bossing people around.

The other problem is that she seems to contribute little to no… of anything to camp life or the game, besdies telling people what to do.

She annoyed me this episode. Bottom line. Her downfall will be glorious.


6th Place: El, 33, Army Corporal


I totally forgot El existed until i looked her up on Survivor Wiki and saw “Army Corporal” Ohhhhh… that girl… who?


5th Place: Lee, 40, Aerial Photographer/Ex Pro Cricketer 


I don’t have much to say about Lee except that for some reason i think he’s going to wind up as a less… appalling Scot Pollard. Idk why I see this.


4th Place: Rohan, 28, Model


I can’t tell if Rohan is an actually nice guy or an extreme douche-bag. I think both are very distinct possibilities. He had the most screentime out of all the males (besides Des) in the Aganoa tribe, so I guess he comes off as a narrator? But idk; I think he’ll do well but that looming girls alliance may target him next.


3rd Place: Kristie, 24, Senior Account Executive 


Kristie seems cool, I mean she seems open to a bunch of different alliances ideas and stuff… but I don’t have that much info to get a read on her just yet. Her chances seem promising for now I guess.



2nd Place: Phoebe, 27, Criminal Lawyer


Phoebe: She stated she was super smart and then vanished into the realm of invisibility. I feel like if she is not a boot within the next few episodes, she is going farrrrrrrr.



1st Place: Evan, 30, High School Teacher


Evan seems slimy as a player to me, but all of his confessionals showed that he’s not afraid to do what he needs to do to win. For SOME REASON I accidentally mistaken him for Todd Herzog (One of the best players to ever be on Survivor) a few times… and he could definitely pull that off. He’ll either be a full-on Villain or a Hero with a serious Villainous streak; which means good tv.

And as once noted by the great Sabrina Abbate of BBCAN2: WE ALL WANT GOOD FUCKING TV.


PS: RIP Survivor Oz… I wish you all the best!

—Andrew Lepine (Gamefreak00018)—


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